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Faster value and well enhancement for the oil and gas industry

Dec 05, 2018
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AlMansoori has a clear technology vision for the future geared towards the delivery of a solid solution in response to technical challenges from its global clients rather than pushing an off-the shelf general product or service.

With active operations in multiple business service lines in over 20 countries and three continents, AlMansoori, is certainly not short of the technical challenges. It sees new technologies deployed in one country often serve as a PWR (practice worth replicating) in other countries.

Hicham Abu Chaker, General Manager of AlMansoori Wireline Services (MWS) called on a very clear example of a technology that his team has introduced in the UAE called Logging While Tripping (LWT), an AlMansoori/Cordax technology enabler.

In the mature fields in UAE, the depletion phenomenon dramatically increases the risk of stuck pipe and environmental exposure when logging using radio-active sources. LWT derisks the logging operation in such an environment without the operator having to commit to adding an extra casing string, which brings savings of about US$1 million per well. With a new contract for the LWT service in place in UAE, the powerful learnings are now being transferred to Egypt, AlMansoori said.

With using intelligent formation evaluation capability, the company can make an impactful contribution at an industry level, Abu Chaker said.

Another example of an AlMansoori technology contribution in 2018 is “Smart Well Testing” which was launched at ADIPEC. This is the world’s first fully integrated automated trailer mounted well testing unit that can be operated from any location around the globe for enhanced safety, efficiency and mobility.

Whilst these are two examples of technological feats, Nabil Al Alawi, an oil and gas service industry veteran and CEO of AlMansoori for over 40 years, puts this into perspective by saying that these technology developments by themselves are great but are not going to make the difference in the future profi tability for E&P operators and their service providers.

“It is very clear to me that the landscape for well delivery and intervention in our Industry will have to change at a fast pace in order to capitalise on the huge improvement potential that is in the pipe-line by the enablers of the now started fourth industrial revolution,” he said.

It is not just about the technology, it is about forming powerful coalitions between the service provider and his expert companies to manage any scope that the operator needs executing thereby building on the individual companies strengths, track records and collective creativity and capability. Fostering a strong partnership between ourselves as the service provider and our client is the key for successful work which we want to repeat time after time, Al Alawi said.

AlMansoori implemented the “Well Enhancement” initiative, which is the approach towards improving one, multiple or all the elements of the hydro-carbon value chain for operator clients. This includes inactive well re-activation, well productivity improvement and also abandonment. The company is flexible and can accommodate any mix of work-scope options that clients prefer based on their commercial expectations.

AlMansoori’s strength is in providing quality services and additionally, its ability to integrate multiple parties’ work into one bespoke solution for a client. Combined with the strengths of the company’s well enhancement partner, which focuses on sub-surface engineering, geoscience and production optimisation, the combined solution leads to improvement for the client.

AlMansoori has also committed to develop the client’s related workforce, so it can easily transfer the technology.

“We have executed successful projects in the Middle East and building on the learnings, we are now actively pursuing opportunities through partnerships in India and Africa,” Al Alawi said.

The 3T’s i.e. Teamwork, Technology and Time are the company’s catalysts, while clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities are integral to the success of its well enhancement processes, the company said.

These will form a solid anchor with the company’s technology portfolio growing around it. AlMansoori has strategic technologies in the pipeline, such as rotary steerable technology, logging while drilling as well as artificial intelligence-based logging while drilling, to mention a few. All for the benefit and happiness of our clients, Al Alawi concluded. 

For more information, contact Chris Kuijken, CTO, AlMansoori Petroleum Services

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