Being the leading energy publication in the Middle East since 1996, Pipeline Oil & Gas magazine provides the energy industry with latest news, leading edge analysis, industry exclusive content, insights and interviews on a monthly basis. It is a must read for everyone in the energy industry. Building on over two decades of experience, it has continued to stimulate industry awareness in the region by evolving with industry trends, working alongside loyal customers and providing a definitive industry channel of information.

What's in it for you?

This monthly magazine covers latest news, special features, exclusive interviews of key industry stake holders and dignitaries, foccussed industry reports, project updates and much more via the Print magazine, Digital magazine, weekly E-newsletters and the website. It is also the official Media Partner and publisher of ADIPEC News

Pipeline's Weekly Energy E-Newsletter comprehensively rounds up the region's news and delivers it your inbox twice every week. It has a subscription base of around 58,000 interested people who have opted in to receive it. A must-have for all industry professionals, the Pipeline newsletter is indispensable and provides a gateway to business opportunities, connects businesses and keeps you updated on the information required to make informed decisions.