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Shell works to cut methane

Sep 16, 2018
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Using natural gas – the cleanest-burning hydrocarbon – is already helping countries reduce carbon dioxide and improve air quality where it replaces coal and diesel.

To realise greater greenhouse gas emissions benefits, the gas industry must increase its focus on reducing emissions of methane across the value chain – all the way from production to the final consumer.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. When it is released into the atmosphere it has a much higher global warming impact than CO2.

Natural gas consists mainly of methane. Efforts to address climate change therefore require the industry to reduce both deliberate and unintended methane emissions.

There are methods available to monitor and reduce methane emissions, including the implementation of leak detection and repair programmes that use infrared cameras. But much more needs to be done. It comes down to measuring emissions accurately; reporting them in a transparent way; and continually reducing emissions.

Last November, Shell – along with seven other companies – signed Guiding Principles which focus on the reduction of methane emissions and other related matters. Since then, eight more companies have signed the Principles and Shell is working with organisations, both in and out of the industry, who are taking steps to drive emissions down further.

Gastech 2018 offers an excellent platform for leading industry experts, government officials, technology companies and others to come together to inject more ambition and momentum into the growing global drive to stop methane leaks..