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NETZSCH introduces NOTOS multiple screw pumps

Sep 09, 2018
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NETZSCH Pumpen & Systeme said that its NOTOS line of multiple screw pumps are ideal for demanding pumping applications in the oil and gas, marine, power, and general industrial markets. NETZSCH’s Multiple Screw Pumps are designed to handle difficult media, including low to high lubricant fluids, and low to high viscosity, shear sensitive, or chemically aggressive media.

NOTOS Multiple Screw Pumps are hydraulically balanced, delivering efficient pumping with very low axial force, the company said.

The low-maintenance pumps offer quiet operation and continuous flow without pulsation or turbulence over a long service life. These pumps offer high suction power of up to 8 m.a.s.l. in a small footprint.

The two-screw pump operates with a drive screw transferring torque through a hydraulic film to the intermeshing driven screw, while the three-screw pump operates with a drive screw transferring torque through a hydraulic film to the two intermeshing driven screws.

In both the two- and three-screw pumps, the screws are surrounded by a ferrous pump housing, and together, the screw geometry and housing form the pumping chamber. Rotation, screw diameter, and screw pitch define the pump‘s flow rate.

In the four-screw pump, two shafts with four screws rotate inside a cartridge, without any metal-to-metal contact. The torque is transferred to the driven shaft via helical or spur timing gears, with reduced vibration and noise. All pumps are available with various port configurations as top-top, side-top, or in-line.

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