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ExxonMobil's Power Play Awards empower women in LNG

Jul 11, 2019
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Sarah Howell, Marketing and Communications Manager for ExxonMobil LNG speaks about the ExxonMobil LNG Power Play Awards

What are the Power Play Awards?

The Power Play Awards have been designed to recognise and celebrate the accomplishments of remarkable women and the men who understand the importance of empowering them across the LNG value chain. The awards aim to demonstrate how a mutually supportive environment can help enable great business outcomes across all parts of the LNG business.

The key objectives behind these awards are to shine a light on the newcomers and smaller players in the LNG value chain, in particular and encouraging nominations from resource holders, buyers, partners and FSRU providers.

How have the Power Play Awards evolved?

The LNG Power Play began as a networking event for women involved in the LNG value chain on our exhibition booth at LNG18 in Perth. The idea was driven by a level frustration about how women’s events were delivered at conferences at this time – usually a token event, at the end of the day, at the end of the week and at the end of a very long corridor… and usually with a fairly predictable agenda. The networking event brought women together, helping them get to know each other, talk – and do business.

The Power Play has been running as an event ever since, but for the first time this year, we decided to evolve it into an awards program to enable the industry to shine a more intense spotlight on the women and men working across the world in this important part of the energy sector.

How important is it for ExxonMobil to promote diversity in the LNG industry?

Like any industry in any sector, inclusion and diversity is a critical part of maintaining a competitive edge and avoiding falling into the furrows of ‘group thinking’. The LNG business has traditionally been very male dominated and it has struggled to attract women. At ExxonMobil LNG, we want  to play our part to resolve this gender gap in support of the industry as a whole.

What is your hope for these awards – that they will help support and empower women in the industry?

In recent years we have seen a growing number of females rising up the LNG career ladder and we feel it is important to showcase their achievements. These awards will support this effort and help us develop a global portfolio of female role models in the business, showcase to women what can be achieved by working in LNG and ultimately attract more women into considering working in this sector.

At whom are the LNG Power Play awards targeted?

The LNG Power Play awards are for anyone and everyone working in the LNG value chain anywhere in the world. We launched the Power Play awards at LNG 19 in Shanghai in April and look forward to announcing the winners at our awards ceremony during Gastech in Houston in September.

For more information about the awards please visit the website  www.ExxonMobilLNG.com

Nominations close on Monday, 15th July 2019