Oman sees importance of heavy oil in energy mix

Jun 03, 2018
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His Excellency Dr Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Rumhy, Minister of Oil & Gas, Sultanate of Oman speaks exclusively to Pipeline Magazine’s Julian Walker about the current state of the oil market and how heavy oil is playing an important part in Oman’s energy mix

How important is heavy oil to Oman’s hydrocarbon industry?

Heavy oil plays a very important role within our hydrocarbon mix. Oman has maturing fields and light oil and gas has been explored and produced. Over two decades ago, we turned to exploring our unconventional resources. Oman has five active heavy oil fields and has achieved remarkable success with its enhanced oil recovery (EOR) programmes. We have innovated and invested in new technologies to explore this unconventional oil. Our hydrocarbon landscape sees all four major enhanced oil recovery techniques in execution. We also use solar energy to support EOR in the Amal heavy oil field.

What is your outlook for a more balanced oil industry?

The oil industry is in the process of balancing itself. Prices are rising; inventories have declined with producers complying with the OPEC and non OPEC production cut agreement, and demand from emerging markets for oil is increasing. The oil market still has an excess of supply. The current price point is a sign of recovery, and 2018 will be a crucial year to balance the market. It is very important that OPEC and non-OPEC producers continue their cooperation to maintain suitable oil market conditions that encourage oil investments.

What is the importance of having an event like the World Heavy Oil Congress in Oman?

An event like the World Heavy Oil Congress provides us an opportunity to share our wealth of experience with other heavy oil producers, and likewise, learn from other world leaders in the heavy oil industry. We are always open to new ideas in Oman. It is through collaboration and cooperation that we will be able to foster growth and opportunity within our industry and drive not just progress but in-country value. We are pleased to host this event and look forward to welcoming everyone to Muscat this September.


For more information go to: www.worldheavyoilcongress.com


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