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CGG launches Smart Data Solutions

Jan 21, 2018
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CGG has repositioned its Data Management Services business as Smart Data Solutions after extending its E&P data optimisation portfolio to deliver global digitalisation solutions.

Smart Data Solutions has rapidly expanded its offerings and investments, and is now actively engaged in projects that address the digital transformation programs of its global oil and gas industry customers, complementing its widely used data management technology and services.

CGG Smart Data Solutions is well placed to assist the industry in transitioning data management from a support function to a value generator, providing new business insights and enabling effective data-driven strategies.

Smart Data Solutions can provide both better access to, and increased value extraction from, E&P data, answering the challenges of data availability and integration into an analytics-ready format.

Combining existing services with increasingly automated conversion, classification, extraction and unification technologies, Smart Data Solutions enables E&P companies to convert inactive data and information into valuable machine-accessible formats. Legacy collections of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data can be converted and delivered faster than ever before. Using advanced extract, transform and load technology and expert services, these data are made available alongside current volumes in next-generation platforms that meet the industry’s data management requirements well into the future.

Sophie Zurquiyah, COO, Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir, CGG, said: “As a leading provider of geoscience data, technology and integrated solutions, CGG is uniquely qualified to work with its clients on their digitalisation agendas. Our Smart Data Solutions are helping them meet the challenges of digitally transforming, effectively managing, and extracting the full value from their geoscience data so that they gain new insights and better meet their E&P goals.”


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