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ControlAir brings new pressure regulator

Aug 02, 2018
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ControlAir, a manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control products, has introduced a new Type-3600 stainless steel high pressure regulator.

The Type-3600 safely reduces inlet pressures from as high as 6000 psig down to working pressures ranging between 0 and 225 psig. This first-cut high pressure regulator is constructed of rugged 316 Stainless Steel for corrosion-resistance and durability, making it able to withstand harsh environments while maintaining accurate control.

Designed to meet NACE MR-0175 requirements for sour gases, the Type-3600 High Pressure Regulator is non-relieving and can be used in applications requiring high-pressure reducing regulators for various gases. The Type-3600 can also be used where high-pressure gas must be reduced for use as pilot supply pressure in pilot-operated regulators.

The Type-3600 regulator provides outlet pressure to 225 psig in three spring ranges: 0-125 psig, 0-150 psig and 0-225 psig. A choice of three output ports provides plumbing flexibility for easy hookup. A replaceable nylon valve seat provides up to 4 replacement sealing surfaces. Socket head or tee handle adjustment are also available, according to ControlAir.