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NAPCON digitises production and operator training

Dec 05, 2018
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Perttu Tuomaala, Head of NAPCON at Neste Engineering Solutions speaks to Pipeline Magazine about the company’s technology launches at ADIPEC 2018

What were the top highlights of ADIPEC experience for your company this year?

This was our first time for Neste Engineering Solutions and NAPCON teams and our expectations were met with a lot of interest towards our offering to digitalise production and operator training. We have launched two operator training games; NAPCON Games Distiller and Furnace during the past year to improve especially the basic training of operators.

Our digitalised training path combines well classroom training with NAPCON Games and NAPCON Simulator. This method offers comprehensive training and smooth transfer from classroom learning to operator training simulators through training games for operators.

All these training methods complement well with each other and together they provide the most effective training for the operators.

NAPCON Games collects statistics, which help the trainer to plan training further and also the Shift Supervisor can optimise shifts better based on each operators’ strengths and weaknesses.

NAPCON Games can also be used in recruitment as testing the candidate’s knowhow is very easy with this tool. These training games are already in use by Neste and MOL Group and some of our customers in US and South Africa.

How are you contributing to the digital transformation in the oil and gas industry?

Digital transformation is NAPCON’s core business as we are providing tools for digitalising operator learning path as well as optimising production in every way including analysing and reporting production data, energy efficiency, logistics and quality optimisation. For example Borealis has managed to make more than US$ 100 million profit (by 2014) and counting thanks to our NAPCON Optimiser software. This was done by our minute level advanced optimisation for petrochemicals production and this can be done either production line wide or plant wide. This optimisation can also be used to improve refinery production energy efficiently.

How do you intend to play a bigger role in this industry shift?

We are here to help our customers with their digital transformation in order to utilise production data better and to get the most out of their production with less energy consumption. Our offering is a perfect match for digitalisation of process industry. Our solutions were born from the needs of an integrated plant and since they have been field-proven with several customers both in Europe and Middle East.

We want to further increase the awareness of our services and solutions for the oil and gas sector both in the Middle East as in the Europe and U.S. as well. We are working on to develop AI aided solutions as well as have also digital twin.

What is your business outlook for the short-medium term? ADNOC has launched an In-Country Value (ICV) program with the objective of growing and diversifying the UAE’s economy and creating opportunities for UAE nationals in the private sector.

As part of ADNOC’s ICV program, all ADNOC suppliers are required to declare their ICV achievement (ICV Certificate).

Neste Engineering Solutions AB - Abu Dhabi office is proud to express being an In-Country-Value Certified. We are looking as our short-medium term plan to strongly promote our digitalised learning path incorporating NAPCON Games within ADNOC Group companies. These are a perfect training tool for the new joined Emirati nationals, who see their career working in complex plant operation in ADNOC.

What have you targeted as new areas of growth for the digital oilfield business?

We see that digitalisation of competence development will increase all the time and that there will be demand for AI aided solutions soon, which we are currently working on also. Also energy efficiency requirements for more sustainable production are increasing for refineries and petrochemical plants and companies have to respond to these requirements. Utilising production data to its fullest and having it in an easily reportable format is also an important aspect when wanting to get the most out of production.

For more information, contact Raju Koirala, Head of Sales, Neste Engineering Solutions

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