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Weatherford launches ForeSite Sense reservoir monitoring solution

Oct 06, 2020
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Weatherford International has launched ForeSite Sense that shows, in real-time, the critical downhole data that determines profit: pressure, temperature and flow.

“Data tells the story of reservoir behaviour, and reservoir behaviour determines production efficiency and cost of asset ownership,” said Brent Baumann, President, Completions and Production, Weatherford. “Without question, intelligence drives profitability. ForeSite Sense empowers operators to monetise their data because it creates continuous, actionable intelligence for any well, in any environment and for every budget.”

ForeSite Sense delivers actionable, real-time intelligence across the spectrum of wells:

  • Mature Wells: Cost-effective solutions drive down the cost of well-ownership with
  • simple and reliable ForeSite Sense pods,
  • Shale Wells: Manage multiple producing zones with ForeSite Sense quartz solutions,
  • Deepwater Wells: Optimise reservoir drainage with ForeSite Sense optical distributedsensing solutions.

From single production zones in mature fields to distributed sensing arrays in deepwater basins, only Weatherford combines single-cable simplicity, proven sensor reliability, and unprecedented data quality. ForeSite Sense matches data needs with well complexity and economics to deliver a life-of-well solution that draws from the only comprehensive selection of optical, quartz, and piezo-electric gauges, paired with optical flowmeters and intelligent capillary and coiled-tubing remediation services.

“Installed in more than 7,000 wells, ForeSite Sense is field-proven in every well environment and geography from the Permian Basin to the Middle East to deepwater Brazil,” said Baumann.

“Weatherford has a three-decade track record of 99 percent reliability with 14,000 sensors. More importantly, the ForeSite Sense end-to-end reservoir intelligence is integrated into the ForeSite ecosystem, creating the world's only single-sourced, production-performance solution. This is the most advanced digitalisation solution ever offered.”