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High performance industrial accelerometers

May 03, 2020
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Industrial machine sensors have been at the heart of modern manufacturing for many years now and with the rapid expansion and application of digital technologies, their complexity and sophistication continues to be developed and improved.

Industrial accelerometers are a vital component in today’s manufacturing systems and whilst there is a wide choice of options, not all industrial accelerometers are the same.

Condition monitoring on critical machinery can involve complex algorithms, extracting fault vibration frequencies from a spectrum of signals with early detection being a key requirement. As a result of their experience in the design and manufacture of piezo-electric seismometers over many years for seismic monitoring systems, Sensonics have unparalleled expertise in understanding the performance criteria for accelerometers used at frequencies. These piezo-electric seismometers provide very high output of up to 50V/g, measuring low frequencies down to 0.1Hz with an ultra-low noise floor.

Initially developed by Sensonics in 1983, the QZ/U piezo-electric seismometer is the forerunner of their highly successful SP4 range of seismometers for measuring ground borne vibrations, structural vibration, earthquakes and other seismic measurements. Today, this unmatched experience in understanding and applying piezo-electric seismometer technology underpins the success of Sensonics range of ‘best-in-class’ superior noise performance PZS Industrial Accelerometers which are ideal for industrial machine condition monitoring applications.

The PZS range of low-noise accelerometers are an important part of the Sensonics range of industry proven transducers that also includes PZV, PZDC and VEL/G velocity vibration sensors, XPR eddy current proximity probes, CS capacitive air gap sensors and a wide range of LVDT displacement transducers. This extensive range means there is probably a solution for most vibration, position and shaft speed measurement applications. Specifically they are ideal for monitoring pumps, fans, motors, centrifuges, gearboxes, compressors and process equipment.

Many of the transducers have variants which are suitable for harsh or challenging applications including low frequency, high temperature, submersible, high pressure, radiation and intrinsically safe certifications. These include ATEX / IECEx / PESO for hazardous areas where potentially explosive dusts or gases prevail.


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