APS launches latest industrial battery charger

Feb 27, 2020
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Applied Power Systems (APS), an industry leader in power conversion and energy storage solutions, has launched its latest three phase industrial battery charger, the BC-6964 Charger designed for hazardous location applications requiring Class I Div I or Div II equipment.

The BC-6964 accepts 3-phase 60 Hz AC input and can be factory programmed to support multiple battery stack configurations, ranging from 12V@100A up to 72V@20A charging power. The charger provides seamless transition from a voltage source to current limit operation for optimum battery charging. In voltage mode, the Charger regulates to a factory set DC voltage.

While operating as a voltage source, the Charger regulates its output voltage to provide optimum charging of the battery. If the output current demand exceeds a maximum setpoint, the Charger seamlessly transitions from voltage source to current limit, where the Charger folds back the output voltage to limit the current to the maximum charge current (Alimit). As the battery load decreases to less than Alimit, the BC-6964 will seamlessly return to voltage mode operation.

The BC-6494 AC input voltage is EMI filtered and rectified to a high voltage of approximately 650 VDC, filtered and stored in a DC link capacitor bank. A high frequency IGBT full-bridge  output inverter is pulse width modulated into the primary of a high frequency step down transformer. The transformer secondary is rectified, filtered and regulated to produce the precision Battery Charger output voltage.

Input power is provided by 3-phase AC input connections to an internal fuse block. Output charging power connections consist of two wire Battery connection terminals. Two 3/4" NPT conduit openings are provided to accommodate customer hookup.

Optional USB and RS485 communication ports are available to provide remote monitoring of the Battery Charger operation.


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