Atlas Copco partners with Vericor Power Systems

Aug 24, 2020
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Atlas Copco Gas and Process has formed a strategic alliance with Vericor Power Systems.

This partnership will enable the two companies to manufacture integrally geared centrifugal compressors and Companders (a compressor & radial turboexpander mounted on same gearbox) that will be powered by Vericor gas turbines. Customers of these machines will be able to reliably run their compression processes in remote and demanding applications.

Designed for the gas processing market, a turbine-powered compressor / Compander offers several benefits. The inherent design of an integrally geared compressor offers customers up to 10 percent lower operating costs and 100 per cent oil-free and pulsation-free gas into the pipeline. Coupled with the ASE50B turbine power, the combination offers customers an efficient, reliable compression option no matter where the installation may be.

“The partnership with Vericor allows Atlas Copco Gas and Process to offer the same hallmark reliability, availability and low maintenance intervals our compressors are known for,” said Robert Radimeczky, president of Atlas Copco Gas and Process.

“Our customers now have the option to install these compressors in applications that would have been considered too difficult in years past,” noted Tushar Patel, Global Head of Marketing for the company.

Intended to handle the most demanding process requirements in remote areas, the GT series compressor from Atlas Copco Gas and Process offers lower CAPEX costs and installation times during commissioning, and lower OPEX costs throughout the machine’s lifecycle. Featuring integrally geared technology, it’s designed to operate in extended service intervals with minimal manpower requirements, while providing lower energy costs than conventional compressor technology. In addition to the GT series integrally geared compressor, customers can also outfit the Atlas Copco Gas and Process Compander – a compressor and expander mounted on a single gearbox and skid – to be driven by a Vericor Turbine