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AlMansoori unique coil tubing inspection technology enhances safety and performance

Jun 10, 2019
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The inspection of the coil tubing is important because of its impact on the economics of the system during its active coil life. Whilst in many cases the retirement of a coil tubing reel has been based on an empirical formula e.g. the numbers of spooling or job cycles, inspection techniques will help to provide a better scientific approach towards avoiding catastrophic failures, coil replacement and extending coil life. AlMansoori is partnering with it-Robotics in coil tubing inspection services.

The it-Robotics External Coiled Tubing Assessment System (ECTAS) is truly innovative because opposed to conventional systems it utilises a high performance non-destructive evaluation technology consisting of a combination of ultra-high resolution magnetic flux leakage (MFL) and eddy current (ET) techniques. The innovative electronic design and signal processing algorithms produce a very high probability of detection (POD) of defects at a high scanning speed up to 1 meter per second.  The system also offers 16 measurements of wall thickness around the circumference with an accuracy of +/- 0.005 inch for wall thickness up to 0.250 inch and diameter measurements with an accuracy of +/- 0.010 inch for diameters up to 2.875 inch. The measurement accuracy is maintained in a wide temperature range of -20 to +70 degree C on a single calibration. As a result, the ECTAS is the only CT inspection system in the industry that meets the requirements of the API 5ST SR37 standard for new Coiled Tubing. It also satisfies stringent inspection requirements for used Coiled Tubing, such as our client specifications. High sensitivity and performance allow for the early detection of very shallow defects in brand new tubing, which represent stress points that can develop rapidly into major defects. Being shallow the stress points can be filed out and the expected lifespan of the new tubing restored. 
Corresponding safety and economic benefits are normally measured and reported by the coiled tubing operators or their clients. This is done over a long period of time of multiple years. The impact of the introduction of the it-Robotics ECTAS was measured over the first year of its implementation. The improvement was expressed by the operator as a 30 per cent reduction in serious coiled tubing incidents. Serious incidents would include events such as hydrocarbon releases, pipe/fish lost in hole, a loss of CT integrity during operations, or equipment failure resulting in significant non-productive time.

AlMansoori, VP Inspection Services, P Gangadaran said: “Our ECTAS technology has been important in reducing the number of premature failures of Coiled Tubing.  Fatigue models predict a certain lifespan of a Coiled Tubing string in terms of number of spooling or job cycles.  They do not however take into consideration the random incidents of mechanical damage or corrosion.  Only the direct assessment of the tubing though a sensitive inspection system such as the ECTAS can detect the early damage and give our clients an opportunity to stop it or simply prevent potentially catastrophic consequences”