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Getting the best out of Well Enhancement from AlMansoori

Jul 09, 2019
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AlMansoori Specialized Engineering, one of the oldest UAE local oil and gas service provider has always been driven by Operation Excellence and HSEQ values. Throughout the 41 years, AlMansoori has established a strong and mature growth structure driven by innovation, customer care, and continuous improvement. The continuous improvement and success is well associated with the way we can help our clients in translating their challenges into do-able economical solutions and new opportunities.

Today’s key challenges such as production decline, low productivity, water production,  and  aging of assets are economically very interesting to be looked at against a backdrop of high cost associated with developing new hydrocarbons in the same fields.  

As such AlMansoori vision is focusing on the wells and bringing a full spectrum of solutions under AlMansoori Well Enhancement. The production impairment in brown fields, and also the oil and gas left unproduced needs to be revisited for rebuilding more accurate geological and reservoir models, providing solutions for oil and gas production decline and setting up a reactivation plan. This is done with sub-surface partner PetroTel using their unique CEASAR software technology that allows integration of production / reservoir / G&G data into a production enhancement / optimisation workflow.  

Key technology contributors from AlMansoori for typical rig-less interventions are high specification coil-tubing packages with AlMansoori in-house designed bespoke stimulation treatments whereby typical improvements are measured immediately following the treatment by putting wells on production through an integrated combination of AlMansoori technology differentiators. Examples are AlMansoori MLS intelligent slick line which combines the best of e-line and slick line services leading to step-change in job cost reduction, smaller footprints and reduced exposure and MLS deployed DAS distributed acoustic sensing which enables immediate feedback on monitoring real time production performance in minimum time after the well tie-in following the treatment.     

Ibrahim Al Alawi, AlMansoori Deputy CEO said: “AlMansoori Well Enhancement is much more than just delivering the safest and cheapest intervention. It is a holistic approach towards setting up our client’s asset for the future through optimum activation and availability of strings to maximise ROI/NPV for the asset.”