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Vero automated connection integrity achieves 50th run

Aug 18, 2019
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Weatherford International has announced that its Vero automated connection integrity system, which applies artificial intelligence to validate well integrity with absolute certainty and minimise safety risks, has completed 15,000 tubular connections in 50 operations worldwide since its market debut.

In less than two years, Vero is delivering value to producers around the globe. Notable real-world results include:

Kazakhstan: Running multiple jobs per month for an operator with zero Nonproductive Time while consistently improving efficiency and removing personnel from the rig floor.

United Arab Emirates: Offshore operation achieved a 30 percent increase in running speeds and zero rejected joints on multiple jobs.

Norway: Improved previous mechanised operational performance by 15 percent, resulting in the fastest liner-running operation on that rig in four years

By applying artificial intelligence at every stage from pipe manufacturing to well installation, Vero improves connection make-up efficiency and eliminates the inevitable errors associated with human judgement during the connection process. In doing so, the solution can minimise the chance of catastrophic well failures associated with poorly made-up connections, significantly reduce the total cost of well ownership, minimise personnel safety risks, and protect corporate reputation.

“The future for Vero is very bright,” said Dean Bell, president of Well Construction for Weatherford. “There is no debate. Vero is the most disruptive technology ever introduced in the tubular running space and operators are taking notice. Vero is now being engaged in most major offshore and onshore markets around the world, with its first-ever U.S. operation scheduled to begin this fall in the Gulf of Mexico. Vero goes beyond tubular running to help our customers build wells that last a lifetime.”


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