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NETZSCH develops range of specialised displacement pumps

Nov 08, 2018
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NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has developed a whole range of specialised positive displacement pumps, especially multi-phase pumps, for various applications.

NETZSCH has developed a multiphase pump that reduced the cost of oil production. It manages mixtures of oil, water and gas with sand fractions and achieves delivery rates of up to 800 m³/h. Multiphase mixtures are pumped directly to a central treatment station and the complete separation technology at the borehole can be omitted. Thanks to the low shear forces and the low pulsation, there are hardly any emulsion effects during transport. At central separators, the media phases can be easily separated, significantly reducing infrastructure costs for the entire field. Now the use of the gas share becomes economic, avoids the flaming of gas in the fields and contributes to the ever-increasing environmental requirements.

This method is used in the Palogue oil field in southern Sudan. The gas volume fraction (GVF) is on average over 80 per cent with sand fractions of up to 3 per cent. In order to be able to efficiently convey the multiphase mixture, 20 multi-phase pumps were installed, each directing the yield of up to 24 boreholes to a central separator station - some of them over 15 km away. To protect the pumps against solar radiation, which can heat the surface up to 70 ° C and from flooding after heavy rainfall, the pumps were equipped with roofs and mounted on elevated foundations. In order to achieve the highest possible operational reliability of the remote monitored & controlled pump systems, an extensive control system with connection to the supervisory process control system was installed. For the pump system itself a particularly robust (heavy duty) version was used.