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Peli unveils its latest ATEX certified torches and RALS

Apr 16, 2018
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Peli Products has unveiled its wide range of products for the safety of professionals working in oil and gas refineries, offshore platforms, petrochemical, or other high-risk industries.

9455Z0 RALS, the first and only RALS with safety certifications for global use

The 9455Z0 RALS is the safest product in its category thanks to its three global safety certifications: The European ATEX Zone 0 (Cat. 1), IECEx ia and North American CI, D1. All of them make it the perfect choice for working in high-risk industries, regardless of the location in the World. The 9455Z0 is a compact 7,3 kg portable area lighting system, easy to hand carry and to set up. Its powerful LEDs radiate 1.600 lumens in high and 800 in low with a run time up to 10 hours. The system offers a wide beam spread of 125º of clean energy that illuminates the entire area preventing workplace injuries.  It features a telescoping mast that extends to 80 cm and a 360º articulating light array.

3315RZ0 and 3315RZ0-RA Rechargeable LED lights with 300 per cent more life expectancy

The unique Peli 3315RZ0 and 3315RZ0-RA torches ATEX Zone 0 (Category 1) compliant, are powered by a revolutionary lithium ion rechargeable battery that provides a life expectancy of over 2,000 cycles, 4 times more than the 500 cycles that batteries usually last. Lightweight and with a small compact design, it offers three lighting modes (high/low/flashing), providing up to 132 lumens of clear brilliant light and up to 34 hours of run time. Additionally, they feature a full-time battery level indicator conveniently integrated into the switch. The 3315RZ0-RA (Right Angle) LED torch is equipped with an articulating head that includes an integrated stainless steel clip that allows for hands free applications.

3415MZ0 ATEX certified, the versatile torch with magnetic clip

The 3415MZ0 is the ultimate Zone 0 (Category 1) ATEX safety-certified compact work light. It generates over 336 lumens, providing up to 15 hours of runtime as well as a beam distance of up to 135 meters. Driven by only 3AA batteries, the 3415MZ0 is equipped with both a spot and flood LED. This allows for close-up as well as distant lighting needs. The articulating head and built in clip provide hands-free and handheld options so you can direct the light wherever is needed. It also includes an integrated magnet that can be hold anywhere expanding its hands-free applications, making it a truly multi-task torch designed to bring great value to your lighting needs.