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KLAW launches next generation of couplings

Dec 18, 2017
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KLAW has launched the next generation in safety industrial breakaway couplings designed to activate in an emergency such as drive-off or extreme pressure flow.

Flowbreak contains an Easy Refit Facility that allows the resetting of valves after servicing or activation without the need to remove it from the line. Flowbreak is also the most compact and lightweight on the market and is designed for loading and transfer environments where space is at a premium.

Flowbreak contains KLAW Flip-Flap Valve and Breakstud technology, delivering 100 per cent instantaneous closure of both upstream and downstream flow of media when activated. The coupling then separates, therefore minimising risk of damage to assets such as loading arms, hoses, mountings and other parts of the transfer system.

The KLAW Flowbreak Breakaway Coupling is suitable for 99 per cent of all liquids and gases including LPG, ethanol, propane, bitumen, hydrochloric acid, chlorine, diesel, fuel oil, ammonia, sulphuric acid and jet fuel.

Typical applications include loading arms, hose transfer assemblies, refuelling, bunkering, road tankers, ship terminals and loading bays.

Threaded, flanged or weld end connections are all available and there is the option to include a proximity switch. ATEX cable is fitted as standard. Flowbreak is available in diameters of ½ to 12 inches.


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