Thomas Gangl appointed as Borealis CEO

Feb 07, 2021
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The Supervisory Board of Borealis has appointed Thomas Ganglto the post of Chief Executive Officer of Borealis AG.

He will take over the role from Alfred Stern, effective April 1, 2021. Alfred Stern will join the OMV Executive Board and hold responsibility for the Chemicals & Materials division.

Thomas Gangl is currently member of the OMV Executive Board and responsible for Refining & Petrochemical Operations.

Rainer Seele, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Borealis AG and CEO of OMV: “By appointing Thomas Gangl we have succeeded in gaining an exceptional manager and expert from among our own ranks to take the helm of Borealis. In recent years, Thomas Gangl has not only played a significant part in shaping the refining and petrochemicals business in the OMV Group but was also responsible for establishing chemical recycling and thereby laying the foundation for our future circular economy.”

The Supervisory Board of OMV Aktiengesellschaft recently approved a reorganisation of the OMV Group involving splitting and expanding the current area of Refining & Petrochemical Operations into two areas: Refining and Chemicals & Materials. With this change, all responsibilities for the petrochemicals and chemicals sector are bundled in one divison, supporting OMV’s forward integration in the chemicals sector.

The decision on the Executive Board member for Refining will be taken at a later stage.