Rockwell Automation appoints new Middle East country sales directors

Jan 08, 2020
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Rockwell Automation, the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information technology, has recently announced two key appointments adding to their growing teams across the Middle East.

Assem Salaam has been appointed as country sales directors overseeing Rockwell Automation’s sales operations in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Iraq, while Safwat Wahba has been appointed as country sales directors for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan.  

Sebastien Grau, regional sales director for the Middle East, Sub Saharan Africa and Turkey for Rockwell Automation said: "With full responsibility for the development of Rockwell Automation’s business operations in the Middle East, Assem Salaam and Safwat Wahba will both play a pivotal role in reinforcing and expanding Rockwell Automation’s presence across the region. They will work with our Middle East sales teams in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan to strengthen and develop our network of partners who we strongly rely on as part of our growth strategy.

Salaam and Wahba will also work with the sales teams to support our outstanding customer-centric strategy. Assem and Safwat’s achievements to date, along with their extensive experience will greatly benefit our growth in the Middle East, and our overall performance strategy."

Over the last four years, Assem Salaam has served as sales director for the Gulf and Near East for Rockwell Automation. Salaam brings over twenty years of sales management, business and regional leadership background to his new role and has held several key positions in the manufacturing and automation industries.

"I am delighted about this new opportunity with Rockwell Automation. During my twenty-year career in automation as a sales director, I have had multiple opportunities to help companies grow strategically. I look forward to bringing my expertise and experience to the Middle East and to continue contributing to Rockwell Automation’s growth in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait and Iraq while delivering the best quality solutions to our customers," Salaam said.

Since 2016, Safwat Wahba has served as sales director for Rockwell Automation in the Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Safwat led the creation of Rockwell Automation’s legal entity in Saudi Arabia. He has broad regional experience in the oil and gas sector and an in-depth understanding of engineering, sales management and operations management. His experience with well-established companies and start-up ventures has been crucial to his role at Rockwell Automation.

"It is with great enthusiasm that I am taking over this new responsibility. It is a fantastic opportunity for me to continue supporting Rockwell Automation’s growth in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan, as well as developing the customer knowledge that I believe sets Rockwell Automation apart in the Middle East. I am committed to ensuring that Rockwell Automation stay at the forefront and continue to lead the market in these countries.”

Both appointments have been made with immediate effect.

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