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Nov 28, 2019
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Prof. Gerhard Thonhauser of TDE Group speaks to Pipeline Magazine about leading the way to real-time drilling optimisation and automation.

What were the top highlights of ADIPEC 2019 for TDE Group?

ADIPEC is an exceptional event that brings the major players of the oil and gas industry to one destination. This year we returned to the Digitalisation Zone to launch our new Powerline Drill String (PDS) Digital Drilling Technology which was received very positively by our visitors. The ground-breaking features of our PDS technology bring power from the surface to downhole tools with high-speed, real-time 500,000 bit/sec of bi-directional data transfer – the key ingredients for cost efficient downhole drilling systems of the future – delivering better wells with more production.

Our powerful drilling data analytics visualisation service proNova has been trusted for 20 years by IOCs, NOCs and drilling contractors worldwide to optimise drilling performance. Exhibiting these two products for drilling digitalisation, were able to successfully network and hold productive meetings with existing and future clients effectively to present our solutions aimed for digital transformation of the oil and gas industry.

How are you contributing to the digital transformation in the oil and gas industry?

We are a data-driven technology and service provider at the forefront of digital transformation enhancing drilling and production performance of oil and gas wells. For 20 years more than 140 companies have trusted TDE’s products and we currently operate in 30 countries. We use a combination of deep oil and gas expertise, data science and software domain know-how with absolute customer focus to transform data into cost savings representing $ millions. 

Improved well construction costs with better performing wells is today’s industry mandate. This requires drilling optimisation and automation, which rely on ever larger amounts of high-quality data from the downhole drilling system, and their bi-directional exchange between the surface and downhole tools. All this needs to happen in real-time, while drilling and in a cost-efficient manner. In addition, capturing downhole data and operating downhole tools requires electrical power, as does the bi-directional transmission of data.

Current technologies can’t meet these data and power criteria. However, our Digital Drilling Technology the Powerline Drill String (PDS) delivers both in a reliable and cost-efficient manner without batteries, turbines or repeaters. Our technology is customer-focused to meet the growing demands of digital technologies to adapt to a more and more digital workspace.

What are your short-medium term business plans?

Obviously, the key details are confidential, nevertheless we are continuing to grow throughout the globe with our new technologies, gaining new and retaining existing clients. This momentum is huge and supported by the growing requirement for digital drilling solutions. As TDE Group we can maximise drilling efficiency and help clients to achieve their goal of real-time drilling automation.

What is your vision/mission of growth for the digital drilling business in the Middle East?

Our slogan is “Vision in Motion” to bring continued growth to the region and actualise the vison of real-time drilling automation with our technologies. The Middle East is a prime location for the growth of the oil and gas industry and therefore critical for TDE Group to be based in the UAE to be close to clients and benefit from the fast moving, innovative environment.

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