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Bentley’s and Siemens’ Vision for Cloud-based Distributed Engineering and Operations

May 06, 2019
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ARC Advisory Group White Paper Summary

Bentley and Siemens have established PlantSight, an open, cloud-based solution for engineering and operations. The platform will be accessible through a web browser and will enable the management of an infrastructure’s digital twin throughout its lifecycle. The platform will deliver a collection of microservices, or a suite of independently deployable modular services that can be adapted based on client needs. These microservices include process and plant engineering, physical layout modeling, project and construction planning, maintenance, and asset performance modeling.

Read the complete ARC Advisory Group white paper on Bentley’s and Siemens’ Vision for Cloud-based Distributed Engineering and Operations by downloading it here.

Additionally, this new solution will ensure every data point is stored through the federation of data from underlying services and related applications. Evergreen digital twins will be created from the federation of data from online and offline sources. Scanning and interpretation will provide visibility to typically inaccessible data, which can be incorporated into the digital twin. Data can be validated and connected to other information, as well, ensuring the asset information is up to date, comprehensive, and accurate. Because of highly visible, accurate information, engineers can make better-informed decisions and ensure regulatory compliance management in a single environment. 

The cloud-based solution will help engineers overcome the challenge of poorly connected engineering applications to asset information. Solving the disconnect between functional (1D and 2D) and spatial (3D) information establishes clarity. Furthermore, an up-to-date digital twin lessens the time it takes for the assets to be operationally-ready. Once in operation, the digital twin can be continually modified and updated. The evergreen digital twin makes it easier to engineer for safety and verify compliance of the as-built and as-maintained facility.

This solution, which requires minimal IT integration, combines process engineering, maintenance, 3D representation, and operational performance information. These capabilities enhance improvement, efficiency, and sustainability of assets. Combining this cloud-based engineering and operations solution with asset management will ultimately increase the value of the asset as well as improve its useful life.  

“The vision described in this white paper is only the start of a journey. Gradually, more applications will be converted to cloud platforms in the form of microservices, enhancing the solution,” Valentijn DeLeeuw, a member of ARC and author of the paper, said.  “One can think of the integration of operational data, operational intelligence dashboards, immersive operator training simulation, and links with applications such as process screening and simulation, asset strategy and reliability applications, and more. The benefits of the environment will increase with the number of microservices.”



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