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Murban crude oil is powering progress in the UAE

Apr 04, 2021
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Every day, motorists across the length and breadth of the UAE fill their vehicles with fuel, and protect their engines with lubricants, supplied by ADNOC Distribution and benefit from one of Abu Dhabi’s greatest national treasures – Murban crude oil.

First discovered in Abu Dhabi in 1958, Murban provides the energy, from well to wheel, that contributes towards the UAE’s economy, create jobs, and drive socio-economic development. It is also present in the fuels and lubricants sold at ADNOC Distribution’s 445 service stations, and powers flights in and out of the UAE, when refined as aviation fuel.

Ahmed Al Shamsi, Acting CEO of ADNOC Distribution, said the company takes great pride in the fact that its products are produced using Murban, a true treasure of the nation.

“Working alongside our largest shareholder, ADNOC, allows us to supply world class fuels and lubricants to our customers, who when they fill up at our service stations, can be confident what they have purchased is of the highest quality,” Al Shamsi said.

Today, Murban crude, and products made predominantly using Murban, are exported to more than 30 countries around the world by ADNOC, including 14 countries to which ADNOC Distribution also sells its Voyager range of high-quality lubricants. Voyager is produced using base oil that is refined from Murban crude.

Following the launch of the new Murban Futures contract, on 29 March 2021, ADNOC’s flagship crude is now even more accessible to customers around the world, which is a significant step in ADNOC’s strategy to create greater value for the benefit of everyone in the UAE.

The only fuel and convenience retailer to operate in all seven emirates, ADNOC Distribution’s fuels are refined by ADNOC Refining, where Murban is a key raw material at its complex in Ruwais, in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. 

Ruwais is also where ADNOC Distribution’s Group II and III base oils are produced for lubricants. These base oils are used by ADNOC Distribution in its own blending and packaging plant where its high-quality lubricant products are made for sale at service stations across the UAE and for export.

A high-quality oil, extracted via a lower carbon intensity production process by ADNOC Onshore, Murban is the UAE’s largest crude by volume, with daily production capacity of up to 2 million barrels.


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