Saudi Aramco and Shell finalise Motiva assets split

Saudi Aramco continuing to supply the world energy needs

May 05, 2020
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Saudi Aramco has provided an update on how it is managing during the COVID-19 crisis and continuing to supply the world the energy it needs.

Aramco said in a statement that it has prioritised the safety, health and wellbeing of our 70,000 men and women, as well as the communities it works in around the world.

"We have implemented measures to reduce the risk of infection and to mitigate the virus’s impact on our people and our business. The company and its employees have also supported community efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19."

Armaco stated: “Our inbuilt systems for managing global crises ensure all our sites remain operational. Our supply chains also remain uninterrupted, as we continue to work with our partners to ensure safe delivery of materials."

Aramco’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Amin H. Nasser, said: “The world has encountered unprecedented complexities as a result of COVID-19, which have required high levels of agility and adaptability.

“The safety and wellbeing of our people has always been Aramco’s top priority and we continue to put them first in every decision we make.

“I am proud of how Aramco has responded to the challenge with a strong, united and compassionate approach, which stems from our deep-rooted community values. COVID-19 has no doubt created physical barriers, but it has also brought many of us closer together.

“We stand by our promise to do all that we can in the fight against COVID-19, helping those around us and delivering the world’s energy throughout this pandemic.”