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PSW Group works on first contract in Egypt with Edison

May 17, 2020
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The Norewgian and UK based PSW Group have just sent their Emergency Subsea capping stack out for its first contract to Egypt for Edison exploration and production in the Nile Delta.

PSW Group announced that it supported Edison exploration & production for capping stack & support services in their first deepwater well in Egypt.

Edison’s E&P Ameeq-1X well was the first well to be drilled in their North Thekah concession 130 kms offshore from the Nile Delta. This was the first international operation for the PSW capping stack division and, in combination with the Edison E&P Emergency Response Team, prepared logistics and response plans to mobilise and deploy the stack in Egypt if required. Edison E&P concluded the rapid response time from Mongstad and developed logistics plans meant the capping stack could be at the wellsite as fast any other system even if flown to Egypt.

The second milestone was the deepwater nature of the well. Ameeq-1X was drilled in approximately 1,000 meters of water making it the deepest of wells supported to date by PSW. “Our subsea engineers are familiar with deepwater operations but this was the first time we prepared the capping stack and support systems for greater than 500 meters of seawater,” said Oddbjørn Haukøy, CEO of PSW Group.

“Developing emergency response systems with the Edison E&P Operations Team before the well was spudded and having a team prepared to undertake the voyage from Mongstad with the capping stack were key factors in the selection of PSW to support our Operations,” added Simone Conti, Edison E&P Egypt Drilling manager.

A Capping Stack is a large well closure device that connects to the top of a blowout preventer (BOP) and is capable of sealing off a well if the BOP fails. As part of the Capping Stack agreement, PSW Group provide the maintenance, training and deployment along with a 24/7 duty team standing by.

“The increasing interest from global operators strengthens our position as a provider of these critical services. This is supported by our alliances with Intermoor and Exceed Well Management for deployment and incident support internationally from quayside to wellsite,” noted Oddbjørn Haukøy, CEO of PSW Group.