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Honeywell launches centre to showcase technology

Nov 05, 2018
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Honeywell on Monday launched an innovation hub called the Honeywell Technology Experience Centre at its regional headquarters in Dubai to showcase its technology and promote knowledge exchange.

“The technology centre allows us to showcase with our customers and partners the advances in technology occurring that they can be implementing to improve themselves,” Norm Gilsdorf, president, Honeywell, High Growth Regions, Middle East and Russia, said at the launch event.

In the oil and gas sector, Honeywell has several technologies at the centre, including its new Orion control system, which revolutionises how an operator controls and visualises the operations of a refinery or a petrochemical plans.

By being able to see everything, including the KPIs and the economic performance of the operations, safety and environment, all in one place, makes the operator more efficient and also more aligned with the overall objectives of the enterprise in terms of profitability or productivity, he said.

“Normally the industry doesn’t see this stuff until they can come to a place like this and see it and this helps them think about how they can implement it,” Gilsdorf said.

The centre also demonstrates the value that can be gained from the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

With estimates that almost 90 percent of companies in the Middle East are failing to innovate sufficiently to drive growth and generate new revenue streams, the centre leverages Honeywell’s deep global expertise and industrial knowledge base to help unlock opportunities for value creation though digital transformation initiatives.

Gilsdorf added: “Many companies in the region find that reaping the benefits of IoT can be a challenge owing to a lack of know-how on how these technologies can be deployed in practice. By leveraging Honeywell’s deep domain expertise and leading industrial cybersecurity experience, we look forward to working with forward-thinking visitors who are keen to understand and advance digital transformation in the region.”

With regional investment in IoT-related technology set to reach $12.6 billion in 2021, up from $6.99 billion in 2018, according to an Accenture 2018 report, the Honeywell Technology Experience Centre serves as a platform to engage with stakeholders from the UAE and Gulf states, as well as Turkey, Russia, Central Asia, India and Africa. Visitors can experience first-hand how Honeywell supports virtually every industry through its combination of hardware, software and data analytics.

Interactive activities at the centre are tailored to industry-specific interests that allow visitors to take control of an industrial control room, oversee the security, safety and productivity of a modern skyscraper, learn how a connected city works, or test their skills at flying an aircraft simulator equipped with advanced connected technologies.

While driving the benefits of connectivity for value creation, Honeywell also recognizes the need to secure and protect increased data sharing. To promote new opportunities while managing threats, the centre is co-located with the Honeywell industrial cybersecurity centre of excellence (COE) that was formally launched in February 2018. The COE is a pioneering technology hub with a safe off-process environment to test network vulnerabilities and threats, train customers with real-time simulations and provide advanced customer consultations.

The Honeywell Technology Experience Centre joins existing locations in Washington D.C., and Shanghai, which together enable visitors from around the world to gain first-hand experience of the potential of IoT and learn how industrial digitalisation is positively shaping the world we live in.


Cover image caption: From left to right - Dina Tamimi, director of Smart Cities and Mega Projects, Honeywell, Nahla Nasri, director of business development, High Growth Regions MENA, Honeywell,  Norm Gilsdorf, president of Honeywell, High Growth Regions, Middle East and Russia, and Hussain Al Khuwaildi, director of Healthcare and Education verticals, Honeywell, Leigh Ann Judd, director of corporate communications, Middle East

Norm Gilsdorf, president, Honeywell, High Growth Regions, Middle East and Russia, addresses the audience at the official opening of the Honeywell Technology Experience Center


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