Iraqi forces prepare to secure oil route to Iran

Feb 06, 2018
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Iraqi forces are preparing to launch military action to take control of Hamrin mountain range near the Iran border to secure the transit of Iraqi oil, Reuters reported, quoted officials.

The military operation could start this week, two officials told Reuters.

The area lies between the Kirkuk oil fields and the town of Khanaqin at the Iranian border.

Iraqi oil officials announced in December plans to transport Kirkuk crude by truck to Iran’s Kermanshah refinery.

The trucking was to start last week and oil officials declined to give reasons for the delay other than it was technical in nature.

Iraqi forces in October last year captured Kirkuk from Kurdistan Regional Government as a retaliation for the autonomous region seeking independence from Baghdad. The operations resulted in Baghdad taking control of Kirkuk oilfields and refinery, which the Iraq ministry had planned to double output from.



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