Wavefront sees Kuwait success with EOR technology

Wavefront sees Kuwait success with EOR technology

Jul 20, 2017
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Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc., an EOR company said, said its Powerwave technology has successfully carried out well stimulation operations in Kuwait’s challenging reservoir conditions.

Through its marketing partner, Gulf Drilling and Maintenance Company (GDMC), Wavefront was able to stimulate the reservoir and improve oil production or water injection rates.  

"Powerwave was approved as a stimulation technology by the national oil company in Kuwait just over one year ago and GDMC has now moved to a full commercial phase." said Wavefront president and CEO Brett Davidson. "With GDMC already having a market share in excess of twenty percent, Wavefront anticipates that Powerwave will be used in twenty percent or more of acid well stimulations in Kuwait."

Over the past several months GDMC, successful Powerwave well stimulation operations have garnered attention by engineers at the state owned national oil company, Wavefrom said.

In certain instances these stimulations followed failed attempts by leading global service providers.

Powerwave is organising seminars and disseminating results of its operations.

"Powerwave has provided impressive results to our client and the positive feedback we have received and heighted interest we are experiencing with respect to the fluid injection technology leads GDMC to believe that Powerwave will shortly become the reservoir stimulation method of choice in Kuwait," said Mohammad Ali Al-Shatti, operations manager of GDMC. "We anticipate that increased Powerwave activity will also lead to an increase in market share for GDMC thus further revenue generating opportunity for both GDMC and Wavefront." 


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