Libya to boost export capacity at key port

Libya to boost export capacity at key port

Aug 08, 2016
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The Libyan oil port of Es Sider will undergo maintenance work as part of the country’s plans to increase its crude oil output levels.

A senior Libyan official told Reuters that exports should be able to resume in one month, once the government gives the official order to reopen the port.

“We haven’t received official orders to reopen the port and resume exports, but there were intensive meetings with the National Oil Corp. officials last week to discuss this,” said Galal Mohamed, head of operations at Es Sider’s operating company Waha Oil Co.

Es Sider has been closed for a prolonged period as a series of strikes left the country’s biggest port idle. This was followed by intense fighting between rival militant groups that has left much of the country’s oil infrastructure damaged.

Mohammed confirmed that six of the port’s 19 storage tanks had been damaged by fighting over the last two years.

Libya is looking to boost oil production after leaders from its two rival political factions agreed to reunify the country’s hydrocarbon industry. 

Libya has produced around 1.78 million bpd as recently as 2008. However, its production levels have plummeted in recent years, with the North African nation pumping just 300,000 bpd in July 2016.

Es Sider has an export capacity of around 340,000 bpd.