Iraq brings new gas processing plant online

Iraq brings new gas processing plant online

Aug 15, 2016
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Iraq has begun processing gas at its new natural gas processing facility at its Fakka and Bazargan fields. The plant in Eastern Iraq will process associated gas from the production of crude oil at the two fields.

The country plans to bring the Al Misan gas field online in the coming years and gas produced at this field will also be processed at the new plant.    

Iraq currently flares around 70 per cent of its associated gas output, according to the Basrah Gas Company.

Iraq currently produces around 880 million cubic metres of natural gas per year. However, the country ranks fourth in the Middle East’s biggest gas holders with an enormous 6.4 trillion cubic metres of natural gas reserves.

The country’s Basrah Gas Company has recently started exporting shipments of LPG processed from its southern fields to customers around the greater Middle East region. 


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