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Weatherford remotely installs liner hanger on Russian offshore platform

Aug 03, 2020
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Weatherford International announced it successfully and remotely used a restricted crew to install a 16-inch liner hanger on an offshore platform in Sakhalin Island, Russia during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Remote training and monitoring procedures enabled the successful installation of the liner hanger system, cementing products and tubular running services.

The operator objectives were clear: First, install and cement a 16-inch liner and hanger at an offshore platform that was locked down as a precaution to protect against COVID-19 viral exposure. Second, provide remote guidance and technical support to ensure a trouble-free liner installation. The lockdown restricted the number of personnel aboard the platform to reduce potential contamination risks.

“The Weatherford liner team developed remote training and monitoring procedures to enable successful installation and testing of a 16-inch liner using a restricted crew that reported zero equipment malfunctions,” said Fayaz Kamalov, vice president, Russia, Weatherford. “Weatherford met all service quality and HSE standards in absolute accordance with the operator’s expectations.”

The Weatherford team provided remote guidance to ensure a trouble-free outcome for each step, including equipment rig-up, liner running, hanger installation, cementing, packer setting, pressure testing, and rig-down. The liner team prepared schematics and training videos on equipment preparation and installation for the operator to share with platform workers. As their next step, the liner team set up an office at the Weatherford Sakhalin base to provide remote, 24-hour support for the installation. They also monitored and assisted the equipment preparation and loadout before transporting it to the platform.

To assure the job went smoothly, the liner team held online conferences before each major step, from rig-up to installation, cementing and rig-down. The liner team also reviewed photos and remotely monitored equipment-preparation videos sent by the operator representative to confirm  that procedures were conducted properly. From their shore base, the liner team guided the platform crew through each process to successfully set, cement and pressure-test the liner.


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