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Sumatran contract in Indonesia awarded

May 08, 2019
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Sonoro Energy and Indonesian company PT Menara Global Energi have been awarded the Selat Panjang production sharing contract in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The award was made during the country's 2019 Conventional Bid Round and was announced by SKKMIGAS and the Ministry of Energy in Indonesia.

The 923-square-kilometer Selat Panjang PSC area is situated in Riau province, Central Sumatra and is 925 km from Jakarta.

The block has produced oil and gas in prior years. In 2014, the Indonesian Ministry of Energy approved a plan of development for further production; however, in 2018, the block PSC was terminated by the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and as a result the Plan of Development was not implemented.

Bill Marpe, resident Director of Sonoro in Jakarta, said: “Sonoro is extremely pleased with the award of the Selat Panjang block in Sumatra Indonesia. Our team has worked hard towards the successful award of this production block and we look forward to developing the block with our project partner. The block and area has demonstrated solid production in the past and we are encouraged by the upside potential we can add to hydrocarbon production in Indonesia in the future.”

Sonoro has a 25 per cent interest in the project with an option for up to an additional 24 per cent.


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