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Talos Energy happy with appraisal well in Mexico

Jan 24, 2019
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Talos Energy has announced that its drilling programme on the Zama appraisal in Block 7 offshore Mexico came up with better results than expected.

The Zama-2 appraisal well is the first of three appraisal penetrations drilled by the Consortium to better define the resource potential of the Zama discovery. The well reached the top of the Zama reservoir at approximately 10,759 feet.

The results showed a contiguous Zama sandstone interval of 1,676 feet of gross TVD sand, materially thicker sand than the Zama-1 discovery well and slightly thicker than the pre-drill estimates for the Zama-2 well. The penetration logged at 581 feet of gross TVD oil pay before reaching the oil-water contact, preliminarily estimated at 11,254 feet, was 100 feet deeper than the anticipated depth of the oil-water contact based on the geophysical layout.

President and Chief Executive Officer Timothy S. Duncan commented, "We are very pleased with the results of the Zama-2 well as we were able to achieve our primary goals of understanding the depositional environment and the presence of thick sand bodies needed for robust aquifer support, both of which help with ultimate recovery."

He added: ""These results provide us with confidence that our geological and reservoir modeling can be used as a predictive tool for the Zama development, just as we've been successfully using them on the US side of the Gulf of Mexico. It helps to de-risk not only Zama, but the remainder of the Block 7 inventory."

The appraisal program will continue next with an up-dip vertical penetration in the Zama reservoir from the main bore hole of the Zama-2 well, which will be cored and a drill stem test will be performed. The second appraisal well, Zama-3, will be drilled to the south of the original discovery well and will help delineate the reservoir continuity and quality in the southern part of the field and will be cored to be better understand the reservoir geology.

Talos is the operator of Block 7 in a consortium with its partners Sierra Oil and Gas and Premier Oil.