OMV partners with Microsoft to accelerate its digitalisation strategy

Dec 04, 2019
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OMV and Microsoft agreed on a strategic partnership that will see the Austrian oil and gas company work with Microsoft to accelerate its digitalisation strategy.

OMV will implement Microsoft cloud technologies such as the hybrid cloud platform Azure, which will allow scalability and ubiquity in both data storage and processing. In the next three years, OMV expects a significant part of its processing capacity to be located on intelligent cloud platforms, and will also adopt Office 365 as the communication, collaboration and productivity solution for its employees.

Reinhard Florey, OMV Chief Financial Officer: “OMV’s Digital Journey is part of our OMV 2025 strategy, whose goal is to enable growth, drive performance and reward our shareholders. Our comprehensive digital roadmap involves use cases across the entire group, i.e. Corporate, Upstream and Downstream, and will deploy advanced, group-wide digital platforms and technologies. The global partnership with Microsoft positions us at the forefront of digital technology development and will significantly support us in achieving our targeted results.”

The alliance includes the companies’ joint work in identifying innovative solutions for the energy industry based on cloud-computing technologies, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and mixed reality, among others. By implementing a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE), OMV will accelerate innovation and migration efforts while reducing the overall costs of change. This will be accompanied by the implementation of LinkedIn Learning, which will enable OMV to develop talent and keep skills current with a personalized eLearning approach.

Jean-Philippe Courtois, executive vice president and president, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations: “By embracing a new way of bringing people, data and processes together, OMV is a strong example of what it means to lead in the digital era. We look forward to partnering with OMV on their digital transformation journey as they help define and accelerate the next wave of innovation in the energy sector.”

Microsoft will provide OMV with access to a specialised multidisciplinary team with a high level of knowledge of the energy sector, as well as the experience of its R&D unit, Microsoft Research, to work on innovative projects. Microsoft will also provide information to OMV’s technical departments on future developments and technologies in a beta phase for testing and evaluation purposes. The agreement additionally includes the creation of a Digital Projects Coordination Team that will manage the alliance between OMV and Microsoft. The team will promote joint initiatives and identify specific business scenarios.