Impact of digital disruption in the energy sector

Sep 20, 2018
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Top executives in the digital space from some of the world’s biggest gas servicing companies and EPC firms spoke at a Gastech Global Leaders’ Panel yesterday about the fundamental impact of digital disruption on their business.
Anton Martinez the Chief Transformation Officer at Enagás said that the Spanish firm has a strong commitment to efficiency and safety. 
He said: “It is in this area that we believe the digital transformation will have a big impact. We are looking at how we can shift our maintenance services. We understand that digital transformation is not just about implementing new technologies. We are a 50-year-old company and we now have to re-think all of our processes, all our ways of doing things and in most cases we will have to start from scratch.” 
Jonathon Carpenter, Group head of Strategy at EPC firm, Petrofac, talked in-depth about the digital transformation journey the Sharjah-based company is going through.
“We have been going through a digital transformation journey, particularly over the last year when we have really started to accelerate the transformation,” he said. 
“We have been very focused on what is the value that digital can enable for us. It is all about harder, better, faster and stronger. Using digital data and the technology behind it we can solve harder problems. We get better in the delivery of projects and operations in the oil and gas industry. How can we use AI to design the plant for us. Analytics in our supply chain to track and monitor costs on the construction side. On the operating space development of digital twins both with the help of the design of a plant and to give workers technology in their hands to enable them to deliver more efficiently and more effectively. All of this enables faster decisions and faster outcomes and ultimately a stronger industry and stronger companies.” 
Rod Christie, President  & CEO, Turbomachinery & Process Solutions, Baker Hughes, a GE Company explained:  “We look at digital in two perspectives. What do we do internally, how do we think of brilliant factory and digital supply chain and the whole collaboration with the supply chain. Then how do we help on the other side operational efficiency with our customers.  
Roel van Doren, President, Europe, Emerson Automation Solutions talked about the big evolution that the process automation industry has seen.
He said: “I have seen the process automation industry evolve a lot, especially in the last few years. When I started it was all about controlling pressure or temperature level. Today with the digital transformation that is taking place in our industry we can now do much more. We have solutions now that have a significant impact on the reliability, efficiency and safety of a plant. It also brings new issues like change management.”


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