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Consolidating a competitive role in the global energy journey

Nov 25, 2018
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Samsung Engineering President and CEO Sungan Choi discusses the company’s objectives at ADIPEC and in the wider energy industry


How do you see the immediate and long-term future for the energy sector and how much of a focus is it for Samsung?

The energy sector is always the main focus for Samsung Engineering in the Middle East, as well as globally. We see a clear upward trend for the energy sector. It is hard to say if the energy market is fully recovered, but major investments and recent contract awards during the last year suggest this. The energy market seems to have moved into a span of sustainable growth in the past year with expectations for upcoming years. From Samsung Engineering’s perspective, we see the energy sector flourishing in the long-term, with a shift in the sector to a sustainable co-prosperity model, rather than a foremost growth model for the overall sector.

What are your major objectives at this year’s ADIPEC?

Samsung Engineering has always pledged to bring growth and stability to its partners with perpetual support, especially valuing and heavily supporting clients by participating in events such as ADIPEC. It is irrefutable that ADIPEC is a great platform for knowledge sharing, innovation and showcasing our company’s capabilities across the globe. With safety, sustainability and coprosperity always as a major goal to provide for our clients, we further want to show at ADIPEC that we are one of the major and entrusted global EPC & PM companies operating in the Middle East, on one hand, but also bring sustainable development for the UAE and the Middle East region overall through several CSR programs, which we have initiated and executed for our clients over the years.

As a long-term exhibitor, how much does ADIPEC play a part in the overall direction of the global industry?

Samsung Engineering is an ADIPEC veteran and will stay keenly involved as much as possible, in every way. We have been an essential exhibitor for numerous years and have sponsored this great event a couple of times, returning, last year, as “Silver Sponsor”. ADIPEC has remarkably transformed into one of the world’s largest oil and gas events. We want to make sure we are a part of this.

How much is the Middle East a focus for your activities?

 The Middle East market has always been top priority for us. As one of the major EPC contractors in the Middle East, Samsung Engineering will keep increasing competitiveness and strive to build a stronger and sustainable position in the region. We have completed, and are currently executing, a number of projects in the Middle East area, all GCC countries and also in Iraq. Samsung Engineering always seeks sustainable and effective business opportunities that benefit our clients. Last year you emphasised your commitment to corporate social responsibility with a book donation programme. Are you undertaking similar activities this year?

This year, we will present the ‘Ecogeneration School’ at our stand. Ecogeneration is Samsung Engineering’s CSR initiative on environmental education for children and youth, with more than 20 years history. Eco-generation School is one of the representative volunteering programs within this initiative. Since 2016, Samsung Engineering UAE (SEUAE) has been operating this energy class with Al Ittihad National School. Students are scheduled to visit our ADIPEC stand and get a chance to learn about energy, especially the principle of solar energy, and make small solar-powered houses with a hands-on assembly kit. It’s a great chance to witness our CSR activities.

Are you showcasing innovations at ADIPEC?

Samsung Engineering has a keen interest in integrating advanced technologies into our industry and company. Recently, many companies have utilised VR (Virtual Reality) into their EPC work. With this ongoing trend, we have utilised VR contents in our HSE training, and it is proving to be very efficient. We are showcasing that VR experience at ADIPEC. Additionally, we are planning to screen for visitors to our booth our innovative in-house content: “Useful Dictionary of New Technologies and New Construction Method”. The content is used to show how we apply advanced technologies into the EPC process for our employees.