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Trent success first for region and TS&S boost

Dec 24, 2017
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Turbine Services & Solutions (TS&S) was among the companies feeling the breeze of confidence arguably returning to the energy business - and the halls of ADIPEC.

The company added to that with news that it had delivered the first full life overhaul 50,000-hour service on a Siemens Industrial Trent gas (SGT-A65TR) turbine. This establishes TS&S as a world renowned centre for skilled turbine repair services in the UAE and broader Middle East.

TS&S was accredited last year as the first independently owned, specialised and independent MRO provider with the capability to support both the Industrial Trent WLE and DLE variants for Siemens, becoming the first non-OEM Trent MRO provider globally with this capability.

“We are proud we did the first overhaul of the Trent 60 Industrial globally. We are the only organisation outside the network of Siemens, authorised by Siemens. There are currently more Trents undergoing overhauls in our shop,” said General Manager Ali Alhosani.

Siemens and TS&S have cultivated strong ties since establishing a partnership in 2007 to build the full life overhaul capability on the Industrial Trent gas turbine. TS&S achieved this with the help of Siemens skilled engineers and technical support and training teams, headquartered in UK, over the last 12 months. TS&S engineers and technicians are now qualified to perform independently for future repair and overhaul services.

“We are building within the group synergies between Mubadala companies,” said Alhosani. “We don’t need to duplicate capabilities and equipment; this synergy building gives us a high advantage.” The GM also says TS&S has benefitted from the cost savings by operators in various verticals within industry choosing to repair rather than renew.

With much of the talk in the ADIPEC’s many panel sessions suggesting the price crisis has made companies work smarter, that repair scenario is set to continue.

“Everybody is cost cutting and this makes us benefit on maintenance, repair and overhaul - we are having an increase in our business and revenue.

“We feel optimistic this year. The business is growing at a steady pace. We have challenges; however we believe that we are going in the right direction.”

Ali Alhosani added: “TS&S is providing comprehensive integrated solutions. We are not only working on the gas turbine – it is our core business along with the rotating equipment – but we are going beyond that with our partners.

“We are working with our customers and providing customised solutions for them.”

The TS&S boss was confident ADIPEC could also bear further fruit for the company.

“ADIPEC is one of the right venues for us; meeting all the experts for new, innovative ideas, for serving our customers. We can see the OEMs, the customers and suppliers working together to overcome the situation.”

Alhosani said being part of Mubadala has greatly assisted TS&S towards positive results, with more to follow.

“Mubadala is a pioneering investor that is accelerating the UAE’s economic growth with an innovative approach to strategic investment.


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