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Renewable hope for a green future

Jan 28, 2019
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By: Mohammed A. Al Mutawa, chief commercial officer at Ducab


‘He who does not think of energy is not thinking about the future.’

When HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, spoke these words, he set the tone for the nation’s green future – in which renewable energy sources would drive continued, sustainable growth.

While the UAE government is pushing ahead with an ambitious energy sector overhaul, it will be met by the introduction of new power sources – such as the UAE’s nuclear and alternative energy programs. Nuclear electricity generation capacity in the Middle East is expected to increase from 3.6 gigawatts (GW) in 2018 to 14.1 GW by 2028, according to the EIA, as new construction starts and recent agreements come to fruition. The UAE in particular is anticipated to lead near-term growth by installing an estimated 5.6 GW of nuclear capacity by 2020. Delivering this power to the nation requires specialised cabling products, and the private sector is lending support.

Ducab has long been committed to delivering environmentally-conscious products, and has custom-designed cabling lines to make it easier, safer, and more cost effective to deliver sustainable energy in the UAE. In the field of nuclear energy, Ducab has introduced a signature Ducab NuBICC nuclear-grade cable line. In fact, Ducab was the first cable manufacturer in the world to introduce and qualify 60-year, sustainable halogen-free nuclear cables that meet the most stringent cable testing standards – such as IEEE prevalent in North America.

Their high level of qualification assures reliable performance over the lifetime of the nuclear plant and during fire emergencies, where the cables will not emit smoke or toxic fumes, and will restrict the fire from spreading. Ducab is already supporting the development of nuclear power in the UAE as a key supplier to the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant being built by ENEC in Abu Dhabi.

In an industry with rapidly evolving requirements, Ducab has further diversified its product range through aluminium rods and conductors delivered via its Ducab Aluminium Company (DAC) subsidiary.

The company has the capacity to manufacture 50,000 metric tonnes of high quality electrical grade aluminium rod and overhead conductor per annum to both local and international customers. “The UAE has a strong vision for its future and the diversification of its economy, with the power and energy sector crucial to that transformation. Ducab is committed to supporting this vision by creating a diverse range of products that will suit the needs of any project, and in particular those in the field of sustainable energy,” said Mohammed A. Al Mutawa, CCO, Ducab.

 In addition to supporting the nation’s nuclear ambitions, Ducab has also pioneered custom cable products for other renewable energy sectors. This has recently been seen in the area of solar energy. The company is now supplying specially developed Ducab SolarBICC cables to two of the largest solar power-generation projects in the region: Shams 1 in Abu Dhabi, and Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai.

The UAE is set to spend AED600 billion over the next 32 years to integrate renewable, nuclear and clean fossil energy as part of its 2050 energy plan. Ducab products are all produced within the UAE, strengthening this local industrial supply chain.


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