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SOKOL expands its international presence

May 09, 2019
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By: Dmitry Berezin - International Sales and Business Development Director at Sokol

In the last years the industry has faced many challenges and we all went through a very counterproductive period. These times require that companies reduce their cost while not reducing their performance, the choices of drilling tools becomes a little difficult because the cheaper alternatives on the market are  not always up to the quality standards. SOKOL has been manufacturing and providing tools to the Russian, CIS, and Asia markets for more than 10 years, and right from the start, our priority business area was design and manufacturing of mud motors and downhole tools. We are a private full cycle manufacturing company and run a large manufacturing facility and service center, equipped with advanced equipment, CNC milling and grinding.

In 2014, SOKOL invested almost US$7 million in new equipment and tools. Together with our Japanese partner, we developed new cutters for our rotor milling machines and achieved not only the highest rotor profile tolerances, but also superior surface finish that helped us reduce time for rotor manufacturing by up to 40 per cent. We also successfully started our own in-house tungsten carbide radial bearings (side lobe bearings) workshop.

Our rubber laboratory and stator production department have been successfully working with the leading German rubber compounds manufacturer and at the moment we can offer not only NBR (nitrile-butadiene), HR (hard rubber), HT (high-temperature) and OBM (oil-base) stators, but also OBM-HT stators, which defi nitely help our customers to reduce their cost.

In 2017, we started our new XTRA series mud motor, which combines the latest technologies, best manufacturing practices and experience to provide extended life of power and bearing sections with the minimum recommended maintenance time to be 200 hours for even longer runs and better predictability of drilling costs.

The company’s product list includes: mud lubricated drilling motors; double-acting hydraulic and hydraulic mechanical jars; shock tools; multi activation circulating subs; friction reduction tools; fl oat and bypass valves; sleeve and near-bit stabilisers; centering elements; drill stem subs and safety joints.

For many years, Russian upstream manufacturers were focused only on the local markets, and SOKOL was one of the first independent manufacturers to start its international activities. In 2016, SOKOL became a global supplier of mud motors and tools for the biggest HDD world company. Currently, our motors are used for numerous HDD projects in Netherlands, UK, France, Thailand, India and USA.

Last year, brought SOKOL to the geothermal market in Europe, which demanded very high requirements for drilling in hard formations with high downhole temperatures. We successfully met this challenge and performance of the tools was excellent.

As a result, in the beginning of 2019 SOKOL signed an exclusive agreement with a major Italian DDand Fishing Services Company in Italy for all their geothermal and oil and gas projects.

We also never forget about oil and gas markets and started our operations in UAE, Iraq, Gabon, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. In 2018, SOKOL signed a worldwide distribution agreement with MOTORMAX (UAE) for faster and better after sales support and service of our customers globally.

At the moment we can guarantee not only high performance and quality of the tools, but also on time spare parts delivery and fast engineering support. Standard manufacturing time for a full mud motor of any size with NBR stator is about 30-45 calendar days, for bearing and power sections section and spares – about two weeks (exc. transportation time).

SOKOL has made the first steps on the international markets and we believe our knowledge and experience together with a very strong commitment to meet all the expectations of our customers will lead us to global success. Our aim is to give honest, true and reliable alternatives to the market. We welcome our new customers all over the world and hope for future cooperation.