WinGD brings low-pressure marine engines for LNG shipping

WinGD brings low-pressure marine engines for LNG shipping

Mar 13, 2017
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Rolf Stiefel, VP Sales and Marketing, Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd. speaks to Gastech News

What relevance does GASTECH play for your business in Japan/Asia?

Gastech is one of the most influential events focusing on Gas and LNG shipping, which the industrial commercials and technical professionals must visit every year. WinGD is a leading designer of low-speed dual-fuel marine engine providing the solution for LNG shipping. Japan as well as the whole Asia have shown an increasingly demand for LNG. WinGD will exhibit its latest low-pressure X-DF engines at Gastech and look forward to exchanging the ideas and experienceswith the peers. 

What are the challenges and  opportunities the company sees for the oil and gas sector in the shortterm future?
The LNG market will need to find new customers and an environment of lower oil prices. The benefit of LNG regarding related emissions
should support its overall growth. The wider shipping industry will with the introduction of the global sulphur cap by the IMO to 0.5 per cent as of 2020 become a potential customer for the LNG suppliers. Relevant investments to extend supply infrastructure for LNG to the shipping hubs need to be developed fast to catch the unique opportunity.

What is your company’s strategy for the Asian market, specifically in the LNG space?
Offer the best available dual fuel engine solution for the shipping industry changing to LNG as fuel. The main shipbuilding nations are based
in Asia today and WinGD is offering solutions to all relevant players in Asia.