ADIPEC AWARDS to highlight industry leading innovation

ADIPEC AWARDS to highlight industry leading innovation

Jun 11, 2017
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The ADIPEC Awards are now open for entries, celebrating achievement in the oil and gas sector and striving to reward the leading companies and individuals. The deadline for submissions for this year’s awards is the 26 July 2017.

Saif Al Ghfeli, CEO, ADCO and ADIPEC 2017 Awards Chairman, said: “The globally renowned ADIPEC Awards provide an opportunity for the industry to marvel at what it has achieved and to applaud the areas of success. This in turn provides us with an important opportunity to focus on enhancing the industry’s performance, in order to strive for best practice and ultimately encourage ongoing progress for the petroleum industry.”

Recognising excellence in energy, the ADIPEC Awards provide an international platform for the industry’s finest to be recognised for their contributions. With the guidance of the esteemed Regional Select Jury, comprised of leading experts from across the industry, the ADIPEC Awards follow a thorough and transparent process in which all relevant entries undergo a rigid evaluation. The dedication and diligence of the Regional Select Jury members has enabled the ADIPEC Awards to develop year on year, with evolving categories, new opportunities for industry acknowledgment and a wider geographic reach.

Hiroshi Fujii, President and CEO, Japan Oil Development Co., Ltd said: “INPEX/JODCO believes the ADIPEC Awards provide added value to the oil and gas industry. The awards recognise outstanding innovation and technology, best practices and people. The future of our industry is dependent on such leading innovations, technologies and people, and previous editions of the ADIPEC Awards have successfully identified and honored these.”

2017 Awards Categories:
1. Technological Innovation and Research of the Year
Technological Innovation and Research will recognise a programme, project, product, study or service which showcases an innovative breakthrough for the industry.  The research piece or technological innovation must showcase a new and unique concept with regards to innovative-thinking, quality, cost improvement and practical considerations within its environment.

2. Best Digital Transformation Project
The Best Digital Transformation Project will recognise outstanding implementation of a Digital Oilfield (DOF) project that is innovative, value-enhancing and has a noteworthy return on investment.  This award is open to all projects in the oil & gas industry, from exploration & production, to refining, distribution, marketing and retail.

3. Driving Performance & Efficiency to Enhance Cost Optimisation
With significant reductions in E&P expenditures across the globe over the past two years, it has become imperative for all players in the E&P value chain to focus on end-to-end performance, overall process efficiency and cost optimisation. This category will recognise a project which has positively impacted field performance, recovery rate, and project delivery schedules whilst maintaining the highest standards of HSE & asset integrity.

4. Social Contribution and In-Country Value
The Award for Social Contribution and In-Country Value recognises the efforts made to the betterment of the wider community & environment and the in-country value thus provided.  The entry must highlight how the environment and country benefitted and what the measurable impact was.  The successful entry will demonstrate how total spend has been retained in-country to benefit business progression and contribute to human capability development, stimulating the country’s economy.

5. Young ADIPEC Engineer
The Young ADIPEC Engineer category recognises a male or female engineer who has begun his or her career in the oil & gas industry and has less than four years’ experience. During this time, he or she will have shown their ability to become a key contributor to the future development of the oil & gas industry and a strong potential to reach senior management level. 

Do you know of a project , innovation, person or company that has exceeded expectations and has gone on to demonstrate excellence in energy? 

If so, please visit www.adipec.com/awards or contact adipecawards@dmgeventsme.com today to have the opportunity to be recognised. The deadline for entries is 26 July 2017.  



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