Tubacex launches expanded range at ADIPEC

Dec 27, 2017
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Within its strategy to become a global supplier of tubular solutions, Tubacex has reinforced its product portfolio for the oil and gas sector - the complete range of stainless steel seamless pipes from outside diameter 3mm to 72” -and presented it all under one umbrella at ADIPEC.

Tubacex showed at ADIPEC its reinforcement in fittings and special components extensive production program with the joint venture signed with the Japanese company Awaji Materia.

This strategic acquisition has enabled the company to complete the fittings range offered until now through TTA (Spain) and IBF (Italy) though a Thailand based manufacturing plant.

This represents an unprecedented opportunity to reinforce a key market, Asia, the destination of 69 per cent of the projects of Tubacex and 35 per cent of its direct revenues.

In this market the group’s gradual evolution from the standard product towards high value-added ones is particularly relevant, with the incorporation of Tubacex India in 2015 with higher level of competitiveness in the standard product, and allowing for industrial synergies with the Thailand fi ttings plant.

Speaking at the launch, Jesús Esmorís, CEO of Tubacex said, “We have been able to offer this new range to the oil and gas industry through our last acquisition of IBF in 2015, expanding the range of our products, and reinforcing the standard products through Tubacex India and Awaji stainless steel fittings division. In this sense, the customer can benefit from a one stop solution that combines Tubacex commitment to quality, ensuring customers a complete range with value added services from Tubacex Service Solutions (TSS), our global distribution network.

This growth reflects our strategy to evolve from a tube manufacturer to a global tubular solutions provider” “In the last 2 years Tubacex has invested in strengthening its resources so that we are prepared when the market rebounds as we expect it to. The Middle East markets are very important to us and we have devoted significant resources to build customer confidence here.

Our portfolio now includes a large amount of engineering solution for the end user, marking a qualitative leap in our business model,” he added.

From a commercial point of view, the offices operating in Asia have been strengthened, as the region with the highest growth potential worldwide and one of the main axes for the development of the Tubacex Group’s commercial strategy.

With sales presence in India, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Iran Dubai and Turkey as well as the expansion the Tubacex global network of own stock and service centres (TSS, Tubacex Service Solutions) in Asia (India, Dubai and Iran) the TUBACEX Group has rapidly moved forward its growth strategy, getting closer to the customers from a commercial and operational point of view to become the best partner in stainless steel tubular solutions.


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